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Fostering growth.

Omnes Creative Group, a trusted web design and digital marketing agency, partnered with Horizon Communication Solutions to elevate its online presence and facilitate business growth




Horizon Communication Solutions, a burgeoning small business specializing in communication infrastructure, sought to establish a significant foothold within the highly competitive financial and defense contracting sectors. Facing limited visibility and resources, Horizon Communication Solutions aimed to secure notable contracts and expand its reach in the industry.

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Omnes Creative Group partnered with Horizon Communication Solutions to elevate its online presence and facilitate business growth. Understanding the unique challenges faced by a smaller company, Omnes Creative Group crafted a comprehensive strategy that emphasized Horizon Communication Solutions' expertise and capabilities, effectively positioning them as a viable contender for new contracting projects.

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Collaborating closely with the Horizon Communication Solutions team we captured the essence of their brand and offerings.


Omnes Creative developed a sleek and professional website that highlighted Horizon Communication Solutions' specialized services and dedication to innovation within technology and leading best practices with infrastructure implementation.



Omnes Creative Group delivered a targeted digital marketing campaign to increase Horizon Communication Solutions' visibility, leveraging SEO and tailored advertising to reach key decision-makers in the industry.

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Successful acquisition of significant contracts within the financial and defense contracting sectors, elevating Horizon Communication Solutions' profile and credibility within the industry.

Improved brand recognition and market visibility, positioning the company as a competitive and reliable player in the communication infrastructure space.


The collaboration between Horizon Communication Solutions and Omnes Creative Group exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic partnerships in fostering the growth and success of small businesses within complex and competitive industries.


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Horizon Communication Solutions Web Design by Omnes Creative Group

— Paul Weiner President  Horizon Communication Solutions LLC

We are deeply grateful to the team at Omnes Creative Group for their exceptional work in elevating our small business. Their strategic website development and digital marketing efforts have significantly boosted our visibility and credibility within the financial and defense contracting sectors. Their dedication and creativity have been instrumental in our journey towards becoming a trusted name in the industry. Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission.
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