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Welcome to Omnes Creative Group, your Tucson-based partner in digital innovation. We're on a mission to elevate small businesses in our vibrant community through the art of design. Join us in exploring how Omnes is reshaping the digital landscape for Tucson entrepreneurs.


Innovate through Design

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At Omnes Creative Group, our mission is clear – to empower and uplift Tucson's small businesses. We believe that every local venture deserves a chance to shine, and through our innovative design solutions, we're dedicated to fueling the growth and success of businesses right here in our community.

Local Roots,

Global Vision

Tucson is more than just our headquarters; it's our inspiration. While our roots are firmly planted in this vibrant city, our vision extends globally. We aspire to showcase the brilliance of Tucson on a larger stage, bridging the gap between local charm and global impact through our creative endeavors.

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Design Catalysts

Behind the scenes at Omnes Creative Group, you'll find a team of passionate individuals who live and breathe creativity. We bring diverse skills, perspectives, and a shared love for turning ideas into visually stunning realities. Meet the minds driving the creative magic at Omnes. 


Co-Founder & Creative Director

Hello! I'm Sean Sexton, a proud Tucson native and the passionate co-creator behind Omnes Creative Group—a digital products studio. My journey, deeply rooted in the vibrant culture of Tucson, has taken me from enterprise applications to a decade-long commitment to crafting digital excellence through web design.


Located in the CATALYST Creative Collective by SAACA in the Tucson Mall, Omnes Creative Group is dedicated to empowering businesses through a holistic suite of services. Our focus spans UX/UI design, project management, web design, application development, and database design, all the way to comprehensive e-commerce solutions, content strategy, SEO optimization, and seamless social media integration. We're your one-stop destination for digital innovation.

Formerly known as OCG Design Infusion, we've evolved to deliver comprehensive digital solutions for all. Our unique blend of creativity and precision extends to branding, ensuring that your digital presence aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

I look forward to connecting with you and kickstarting your next project!

Solus Forma


Welcome to the Solus Forma Blog our digital platform where creativity finds its voice. Here, we share insights, trends, and the heartbeat of design that fuels our passion. This is more than a blog; it's a conversation.

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